About us

Kupikartu.ba is the first Bosnian-Herzegovinian web-shop for online sale of tickets for events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region.

Kupikartu.ba allows you to come to events for theater, film, music, sports and family attractions at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world. Most tickets in our web shop are delivered via email (E-Ticket), while for some events we do deliver tickets to the address of the customer that is registered on your profile.

Kupikartu.ba is the first Bosnian-Herzegovinian web-shop of its kind and was launched in October 2008.

Among our many business partners we are proud to mention few, such as Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, F.K. Sarajevo, Mostar Blues and Rock Festival, Ofsound International, Stage Art, Front Stage, Beral Music, BeBe, DHT Europe, Music Star, KS BiH, RS BiH, KK Bosna, RK Bosna, EXIT Festival, INMusic Festival, Art Zone, and many others. Our mission is a development of e-commerce in BiH in order to contribute to the general development of BiH. virtual space.

The goal of kupikartu.ba is to become a one-stop shop for the purchase of tickets for all favorite events, which will allow users to plan their entertainment on time and buy tickets with a pre-sale prices to get the best seats at any venue. Our service allows you to keep up with events, choose the ones you want, order tickets on time, and save money and. You can make extra savings on delivery by purchasing multiple tickets at once.

Kupikartu.ba team has developed a marketing platform and premium ticket protection that enables the customer to securely pay by credit card via Monri Payment System or through the bank.


Tel. +387 33 943111 | +387 33 944944
eMail. info@kupikartu.ba