General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions define mutual relations and represent the basis for concluding a Contract for the sale of tickets for sports, music and other cultural events (hereinafter: Events), between the online service (hereinafter: and the buyer of tickets for events (hereinafter: Buyer).

Article 1 provides a service of selling tickets for individual events in the name and for the account of the event organizer (hereinafter: the Organizer).

Article 2

Tickets can be ordered by the Buyer via the Internet. The order is fixed and binding and cannot be changed or reversed. The mandatory elements of the order are: name, surname, phone / contact number, address and e-mail address (for business users: Company name, ID and VAT number). reserves the right to correct the required elements of the order according to the needs.

Article 3

The buyer guarantees the accuracy and truthfulness of the data from the previous article. Should the Purchaser declare inaccurate or false information in the order, the Buyer bears all responsibility for the consequences that may occur, in accordance with the law. shall not be liable for any damage that the Customer may commit to unauthorized third parties. is not liable for a violation of the right to privacy and security of the Buyer made by a third party on the Internet. shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Buyer or to a third party as a result of a breach by the Buyer of the obligation to keep the confidentiality of the contents of the data contained in its order.

Article 4

Every online purchase becomes a binding between the Buyer (at the moment of pressing the "Buy Ticket" link), and (at the moment of assigning a transaction number), which is automatically allocated with the last step of the purchase / booking process. automatically sends the confirmation of the transaction to the Buyer via e-mail address that is registered on server. does not guarantee that the ordering process is properly performed.

Article 5

For some events seats are assigned according to the principle of the best available seat, at the time of ordering, provided that the service does not give the buyer the opportunity to directly choose seat plan.

Article 6

The ordered ticket must be paid and received by the Buyer within the deadline indicated on the order confirmation, which is shown together with the transaction number. All E-Tickets are delivered within a few hours after the purchase is completed. If the buyer does not receive the ticket within the agreed time, the purchase can be canceled on request.

Article 7 has no obligation to bear any costs that may arise for the Buyer due to canceling or changing the date of the event. In case of cancellation of the event, all online purchases will be automatically canceled and money will be returned to the buyer directly. All additional costs will not be refunded. The organizer is obliged to make a complete refund if the cancellation occurs and if the money has already been transferred to the organizer's account. Every buyer is obliged to contact the organizer directly.

Article 8 does not make a refund at the request of the user, if the tickets for that event cannot be used by the buyer for any reason, unless the event has been canceled or postponed, in which case the customer addresses directly to the organizer according to the instructions that will be provided by Refunds for the events that are held cannot be refunded!

Article 9

General Terms and Conditions are published on the internet address and it is considered as confirmed / accepted by the Buyer at the moment of clicking the link "Buy a Ticket.

Article 10

The General Terms and Conditions and their amendments are actual and applicable at the moment of their publication at reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions of Business at any time.

Article 11

In case of any misunderstandings regarding the implementation of this Agreement, both parties agrees to try to settle the dispute by agreement, otherwise, the dispute will be settled within the jurisdiction of the Court in Sarajevo.