Terms of use

By using any part of the KupiKartu.ba web shop and any content (hereinafter referred to as kupikartu.ba), you automatically accept all applicable terms of use.

Users are required to read the terms of use on a regular basis and it is considered that users that are using services of kupikartu.ba, or any part of it, at any time familiar with the current and updated terms of use and understand them in full. No part of the kupikartu.ba may be used for illegal purposes or for promoting the same.


Kupikartu.ba provides the services and all content to all customers and visitors in good faith. All visitors have the right to use the content of kupikartu.ba free of charge, unless they violate the terms of use.
Kupikartu.ba consists of own content, content of partners and advertisers, free content, content created by visitors, and links to external sites.
Kupikartu.ba publishes the content in good faith. You use all of the contents of kupicart.ba at your own risk and kupikartu.ba can not be held responsible for any damage resulting from the use.
Access to kupicart.ba and all its content is permitted to persons of any age, unless indicated otherwise. The 18+ mark on certain content indicates that the use of content is allowed only to persons older than 18 years.


Kupikartu.ba lays the copyright on all its contents (textual, visual and audio materials, databases and program code). Unauthorized use of any part of the portal is considered a copyright infringement by kupikartu.ba and is subject to a lawsuit. Unauthorized use of any part of the portal without the permission of the copyright owner (kupikartu.ba, partners, users ...) is considered a copyright infringement and is subject to a lawsuit. If you think that kupicart.ba has violated your copyright, the case will be immediately considered, and the content in question will be removed immediately after the eventual verification of the truthfulness of the content of the complaint.
Links to external sites
kupikartu.ba contains links to websites outside your own portal. kupikartu.ba publishes links in good faith and can not be held responsible for content outside the portal.

Privacy protection

Kupikartu.ba protects the privacy of users to the fullest extent possible. Kupikartu.ba undertakes to use in good faith data received from users during the use of the portal, and that it will not distribute or sell private information to a third party, except with the permission of the user. Kupikartu.ba may, in accordance with the law, collect certain information about users obtained during the use of the portal (exclusively computer data and internet provider information) or data entered in the registration process. This data is used by kupikartu.ba to have information about users who use it, thus improving the service and further streamlining its content and customizing it to the visiting audience. Based on this data, we find out which content is the most popular among the audience. Data collection of this type in this or a larger volume is common, and it uses well-known global websites like MSN, Google, etc. Kupikartu.ba undertakes to sell or distribute private data such as e-mail addresses, names and surnames without the permission of each individual user, except for demographic data for a group of users without disclosing private data. kupikartu.ba is committed to protecting the privacy of the portal users, except in the event of a serious violation of the rules of the buyerart.ba or illegal activities of the user. All payments by credit cards to kupicart.ba are made through the Monri Payment System service. All vendors who sell through this company must meet the strict criteria prescribed by this company. Kupikartu.ba is a certified seller of the Monri Payment System service, using SSL 128-bit encryption used by other online stores, which protects your personal data and card numbers. By going to a secure page (SSL) for online payment, by entering their data (card number and others) and by the act of payment, you accept all the rules of kupicart.ba. You also accept that your card is charged for the amount of the ticket price in EUR equivalent (at the official exchange rate of the institution that issued you the card) on the day of collection.

Messages kupikartu.ba and sponsors

Kupikartu.ba may occasionally send notices to kupicartu.ba and sponsors to its users.

Change the rules

Kupikartu.ba reserves the right to periodically change or modify the rules without notice. About important changes and updates, kupicart.ba can notify users via mail or posting on the portal.